Mitsubishi EX-30SHC5T 12-inch Wall-type Ventilation (Exhaust) Fan

Mitsubishi EX-30SHC5T 12" Wall-type Ventilation Fan View larger
  • 12 inches (30cm);
  • Oil-catcher;
  • Exhaust type;
  • Operates quietly;
  • Energy efficient;
  • Easy to clean;
  • For shops, office rooms, living rooms and kitchens

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Premium Safety Standard

Enhanced product safety through the use of non-self-flammable materials & concealed motor, which prevents undesirable material from entering the motor & minimizes the possibility of accidents.

Non-Self-Flamable Materials

The motor, capacitor, lead wire, cord plug, 3-pin plug, closed end as well as the printed circuit board (PCB) are made from materials with improved fire resistance.

Double Fuse Protection

Every electric fan is equipped with two fuses to meet the 100% Mitsubishi safety policy. The current fuse stops the fan from operating when the current is exceeded, while the thermal fuse cuts off the electricity when the motor overheats.

Extra Fan

Energy Saving Design, Remarkable progress has been made in energy conservation with introduction of the "Extra Fan" blades which were designed according to aerodynamic principles-control airflow. It on the blades surface, retains the air turbulence and hence eddies to be formed. Thus noise is greatly diminished without reduction in airflow.

3 Years Motor Warranty

Warranty3 Years Motor / 1 Year General
Product DimensionsW396 x D65 x H412 mm

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Mitsubishi EX-30SHC5T 12-inch Wall-type Ventilation (Exhaust) Fan

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