Toshiba TWD-BH90W4M 8kg + 8kg Real Inverter Washer Dryer Combo


(RM151.00 per month)

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Inspired by Japanese famous painting ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’, the innovative technology is named ‘THE GREATWAVES™’.
THE GREATWAVES™ technology is developed based on Flush Wave and Cold Wash, which leads to a great saving and color protecting performance for laundry.

Flush Wave – Greater than Hand Wash
Combined with big cambered & wing-type paddle and smooth inner drum, THE GREATWAVES™ technology generates the Flush Wave, making clothes folded and scrubbed during washing process to get same cleaning effect as hand wash.

SameLoads™ - 8kg Washer : 8kg Dryer
Same capacity of Washing & Drying, full load to Wash & Dry in one go without reload for the convenience.

Choose programs via water-proof slide bar with less effort and wet hand operation is available.


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