Toshiba DSK38ES3MB Instant Water Heater Shower with DC Pump

  • - 5 Shower Modes
  • - Precise Temperature Control
  • - LED Temperature Display
  • - Whirl Water Flow Technology
  • - Energy Saving Silent DC Pump
  • - Double Relay Safety Protection
  • - 3.8kW 240V 50Hz 0-16A
  • - IP25 Water Proof
  • - Premium Chromed Accessories
  • - Product: L200 x H400 x W97 mm
  • - Carton: L260 x H660 x W125 mm
  • - 7-Year Heating Element Warranty
  • - 5-Year DC Pump Warranty
  • - 1-Year General Warranty

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Different shower modes for a more pleasurable shower

5 versatile shower modes are available; Standard, Soothe, Combo, Massage and Jumbo.


Set your preferred temperature precisely

The Smart Control System with an LED display allows you to customize the temperature you desire.


Prevent scalding with Whirl Water Flow technology

A dual heating element in the water heater improves heating efficiency and stabilizes the temperature to prevent accidental scalding from occurring.


Energy-saving and Quiet DC Pump

The DC pump greatly increases water pressure for a more powerful and enjoyable shower. It saves you 60% in energy compared to an AC pump and is also supremely quiet at just 38db.


Peace of mind assured with double relay safety protection

Should there be any electricity leakage, both "L" and "N" wires will be cut off at the same time, ensuring your highest safety at all time.


Superior safeguards

Automatically detects whether the earth connection is connected. If everything is normal, the water heater will function as usual, otherwise the water heater will not be activated. Should a leakage occur, the leakage current will flow firstly through the earth connection, keeping you safe.